Trailers & TV Campaigns

SSI is commonly considered one of the industry favorites for the mixing and production of Theatrical trailers and advertising campaigns for TV, radio and the worldwide web. Our clients include all of the major & independent studios as well as all of the latest streaming and internet content providers.


SSI is one of the world’s most renowned audio mixing facilities offering a wide multitude of sound services. All of our audio suites are Dolby certified with our large mix stages providing a wide variety of audio capabilities including 5.1, 7.1, IMAX, and Dolby ATMOS. All of our audio suites have been calibrated to meet the latest broadcast specifications, including LKFS, 5.1, stereo and Dolby Home ATMOS.

Other Audio Services

We offer a wide array of other audio services, including sound design and sound editing, ADR and Voice Over recording, audio transfer and mastering, just to name a few.


Our talented Editorial team can handle all aspects of digital online editing including Dolby Vision HDR, HD, 2K and 4K conforming. Our Editorial suites offer the latest tools and technology to ensure that we can emulate any and all offline creations with ease and efficiency.


SSI has some of the most talented colorists in the industry today. Our two large color suites offer Dolby Vision HDR, HD, 2K & 4K Baselight color correction and Dolby PRM monitoring as well as Sony BVM-X310 monitoring for HDR workflow. Our Digital Intermediate Theater is equipped with a Christie 2K projector that offers both 2k and HD color correction.

Visual Effects

Trying to manipulate shots and images? Our visual effects team excel in all types of visual clean up, from compositing to roto-scoping, blood and wire/rig removal to green screen compositing. If needed SSI can also provide multiple tools to handle nearly all of your CG needs.


Our In-House Team of Post Production Supervisors are experts at assisting clients push through all aspects of Post finishing while enabling them to meet deadlines in a timely and efficient manner. SSI also provides competitive package deals for TV spot and trailer finishes that include supervision.

Other Video Services

We offer a wide variety of other video services including DCP creation and playback screening, standards conversion, tape duplication, Fiber, Source Connect, ClearView and TVips playback and receive to remote locations all over the globe.

Audio and Video Mastering and Deliverables

SSI will professionally expedite your audio and video deliverables upon the final completion of a project. Our experienced team of audio and video engineers have developed an extremely efficient workflow to ensure all deadlines are met and that all material delivered meet the highest standards of excellence. We have mastered tapeless technology with the ability to deliver a multitude of digital formats in a timely, efficient and secure manner. Upon request SSI will also securely archive and un-archive past projects.